Who is Aaliyah Unia? Fitness, Inspiraation, and Community…

Aaliyah Unia, known as @aaliyah.unia, is a digital creator with 113K followers who shares her journey in fitness, mindset, and lifestyle. At 25 years old, she partners with Gymshark and Oneractive, while also founding Alfa Active Co., a supportive community for women in fitness.

Age and Nationality

Aaliyah Unia, at 25, has made significant strides in the fitness community. Her content focuses on fitness, mindset, and lifestyle, appealing to a wide audience. With her Palestinian heritage, she brings a unique perspective to her work, inspiring many to pursue their fitness goals.

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Fitness and Community

Aaliyah founded Alfa Active Co., a platform dedicated to bringing gym enthusiasts together. Through events, workshops, and a supportive community, Alfa Active Co. offers a home for gym gals to find their family. Aaliyah’s leadership in this venture showcases her commitment to building a positive and empowering space for women.

Modesty Empowerment

Through her platform, Aaliyah promotes modesty and self-expression. Her fitness content and personal journey encourage women to feel confident and empowered in their unique identities. By partnering with brands like Gymshark, she blends fashion with fitness, demonstrating

Early Inspiration

Aaliyah’s journey into fitness and content creation began with a passion for personal growth and community building. She aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Her dedication to fitness is evident in her collaborations and the growth of Alfa Active Co.

Empowering Women

Empowerment is at the heart of Sally’s mission. She inspires women to take pride in their uniqueness and make informed choices about their lives. Through her engaging content, Sally fosters a supportive community where women feel seen, valued, and empowered. Her transparency and honesty create a safe space for her followers to share their stories and experiences, building a strong sense of connection and camaraderie in the online community.

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