Who is Zainab Hassan? Age, Family, Nationality, and More…

Zainab Hassan, known as @zainabhassanxo on Instagram, is a 23-year-old UK-based freelance makeup artist (MUA), content creator, writer, and model. She has captivated her audience with her multifaceted talents and inspiring journey. Let’s explore the personal profile of Zainab Hassan, delving into her career, passions, and personal life.

Age and Nationality

At 23 years old, Zainab Hassan is a dynamic force in the creative industry. Born and raised in the UK, she maintains a strong connection to her Nigerian heritage. Despite being based in the UK, she regularly visits Nigeria, ensuring she stays in touch with her roots. Zainab is of Nupe descent and is fluent in Hausa, albeit with a British accent.

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Career and Passion

Zainab started her career solely as a makeup artist, leveraging her God-given talent to create stunning looks. She soon branched out into content creation, combining her love for the arts with makeup artistry. Writing has always been her first love, even before makeup. She writes primarily for herself but has contributed to online magazines and is planning to start a blog soon.

As a model, Zainab has had her fair share of experiences, despite feeling nervous in front of the camera. She enjoys modeling for fun and is currently signed with UMMA (United Models Modelling Agency).

Family and personal life

Zainab’s family is one of her greatest passions. She comes from a huge extended family in Nigeria but has a smaller immediate family, being the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. Family gatherings are a significant part of her life, filled with numerous cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Her love for travel and exploration means that while she could see herself moving back to Nigeria, she is open to living anywhere beautiful and culturally rich. This adventurous spirit is reflected in her approach to life and work.

Early Inspiration

Zainab started her journey with a passion for makeup, which soon expanded into content creation. She combines her love for the arts with her talent for makeup artistry, creating engaging and visually appealing content. Writing has always been her first love, and she is currently working on starting her own blog while contributing articles to online magazines.

Empowering Women

As a social media influencer, Zainab uses her growing platform to spread positivity and empower her followers. Her Instagram is filled with her makeup work, content she has created, and general life updates. This allows her to connect with her audience on a personal level, making genuine friendships and building a supportive community. Zainab’s approach to social media emphasizes authenticity and engagement, making her a relatable and inspiring figure.

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