Who is Sabina Hannan? Age, Family, Instagram, and more…

Sabina Hannan is a 28-year-old Bangladeshi beauty icon who is redefining the norms of glamour in the digital age. As a hijabi makeup artist and fashion influencer, Sabina has made it her mission to introduce and inspire Muslim glamour to a global audience, earning accolades from publications like Allure, Elle, Teen Vogue, and Glamour.

Age and Nationality

Sabina Hannan was born on February 5, 1996, in England. At 28 years old, she currently resides in London but is originally from Bangladesh. This combination of British upbringing and Bangladeshi heritage plays a crucial role in her content, providing a unique blend of cultural influences that resonates with a diverse global audience.

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Hannan’s Family

Sabina comes from a large family with a strong sense of unity. She has two older sisters, one older brother, two younger sisters, and one younger brother. Her close relationships with her siblings and family play a significant role in shaping her personality and content. Through her work, she offers glimpses into her family life, demonstrating the beauty of her culture and traditions.

Beauty and Fashion

Sabina Hannan’s influence extends beyond makeup and fashion. She is a beauty icon who introduces and inspires Muslim glamour to a global audience. Her work has been profiled by renowned publications such as Allure, Elle, Teen Vogue, and Glamour. Sabina’s ability to seamlessly blend culture, fashion, and lifestyle with makeup-oriented content creates a unique window into her world. Her tutorials, Q&A sessions, and even fun challenges with her little sister add depth and relatability to her brand.

Beauty Icon

Sabina’s journey into the world of beauty and fashion began with a simple passion for makeup and a desire to share her love for cultural traditions with the world. Through her YouTube channel and Instagram profile, Sabina invites her audience into her world, offering a glimpse into her daily life, beauty routines, and cultural experiences.

From sparkling glam glows to hijab tutorials and cultural Q&As, Sabina’s content is as diverse as her background, reflecting her unique blend of Western trends and Bangladeshi heritage. With over 350K subscribers on YouTube and 515K followers on Instagram, Sabina has become a trusted source of inspiration for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Empowering Women

Sabina Hannan’s journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring influencers and makeup artists. Her success story highlights the importance of embracing one’s culture and using it as a source of strength. Through her work, Sabina empowers others to explore their creativity and break traditional boundaries in the beauty and fashion industry. Her influence will continue to grow as she paves the way for a new generation of diverse and inclusive creators.

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